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UAE Businesses shift focus to Employee Wellbeing

The UAE has been among the fastest growing economies world-wide. Higher, Faster, Further, nothing is impossible.

Dubai – the city of opportunities, also leads the list of over-worked cities in the world. According to a recent study by cloud technology company Kisi: 23% of full-time professionals work above 48 hours per week and consequently feel overworked.

The “Wellbeing in the Private Sector Report” by the UAE National Program for Happiness & Wellbeing, reports Burn Out being a key issue for the private sector to address. Anxiety and Depression are reported to be salient mental health issue in the private sector in the UAE.

This is alarming and has lead in authorities to call for action from the private sector.

Tina Memic, entrepreneur, and former COO of Bateel International has ventured into new territories: this time mental health and wellness. With her new project “Holistic Healing Middle East” she is raising awareness among UAE companies that more needs to be done for the employees in terms of mental wellbeing. Mrs. Memic is on a mission to get all companies in the UAE to engage in employees coaching programs that can drastically improve employee wellbeing and consequently productivity.

„During my 16 years in the corporate world in the GCC, I realized that we do too little for our employee’s mental health. We used to completely oversee the mental wellbeing of our C-Level Executives and leading managers. This is now fundamentally changing!” states Tina Memic, Managing Director of The Brand Consult and Founder of Holistic Healing Me.

Her newest venture, is focusing on Systematic Constellations and NLP techniques for businesses and individuals to gain greater clarity, balance and allow for healing.

“People tend to shy away when we speak about mental health, but it is time we leave the stigmata of Psychology and Therapy behind and embrace what it can bring to people and businesses on a larger scale.”

Innovative Organizations are making use of Systemic Constellations since decades.

Initially discovered by German Bert Hellinger in the 1970s this form of coaching has fundamental psychological aspects to it that focus on the rules of hierarchy, belonging and balance. Something that is pivotal in corporations.

The “Wellbeing in the Private Sector Report” by the UAE National Program for Happiness & Wellbeing, identifies employee health as a key area for the Council and the wider UAE business community to focus on. Approximately half of private sector employees report sleep deprivation, say they feel exhausted by the end of the day, and express a desire to get away to rest and recover.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, set out a vision of a happy and positive nation when he stated that “Our target is to make happiness a lifestyle in the UAE community.”

As usual the UAE is at the forefront of entrepreneurial innovation, with first measures being already taken in the public sector, by introducing the 4.5 days working week. The private sector is also shifting their focus onto employee well-being.

„Private organizations started following the lead and engage further into this subject. Not only will employees be happier and healthier, the businesses with further flourish and our economy further grow. Let us all together strive for a better tomorrow!” says Tina Memic.

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