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Visual Merchandising

Product Development 

Marketing is more than just the digital presence of your company.

It is about identifying and meeting human and social needs. It is every way you communicate to the internal and external audience. Let us help you ensure that your intrinsic and external communications are aligned. 

Advertising, branding, sales promotions, product placements, pricing, and PR must be coordinated to leverage your marketing efforts. 


A clearly defined mission statement, your vision and values will help your employees identify with your brand and your customers to develop emotional attachment.

Employee engagement is the most effective marketing tool you have. No person is a better brand ambassador than your own employees. 

Most companies believe that branding is defined by their brand's name and logo. But branding is more than that, branding is everything and everywhere your brand appears.

From the logo on your pen, your delivery van, your employees uniforms, the store merchandising, everything represents your brand. Ensure that you have set your brand's purpose and identity and clear brand guidelines so that all communication is in sync. If not, marketing efforts often go in vain. Let us assist you to review your branding efforts and put together clear guidelines for your brand. 


Visual merchandising within your retail boutique or restaurant is one of the most important marketing tools you have at hand. It drives footfall into your store and inspires the consumer to purchase. Is your merchandising optimized? Does it highlight key products and those you want to liquidate? We can help you analyze your VM strategy and advise you accordingly. 

Many companies require assistance reviewing their product range and inspiration for new products. Innovation is critical in the competitive landscape we all operate in. An external view on your product offering, your USPs and a possible extension of your products can help improve your sales and has an direct impact onto your bottom line. 

Packaging Design 

Packaging design is essential for the right presentation of a product, in fact, in the Middle East, the packaging of a product is as important as the product itself. The right presentation is key. Nonetheless, in this region, the design and production poses a challenge. Finding the right designer and the right supplier is very challenging.

We have extensive experience in designing and producing high quality packaging that represents your brand and products well, and will be happy to get creative for you.

We love packaging design! 

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