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Training & Development 


Constellation work

Most organization focus mainly on product knowledge and learning information by heart when training their staff, while it is essential to use psychological selling techniques and NLP to ensure the employees internalized the operating procedures and most importantly understand why we are doing what we are doing. This might seem banale, but the given job must have a purpose. With purpose, motivation and moral are boosted and customer service improved profoundly. Let us help you train your team to bring your brand to life the way you intend. 

SOPs and other guidelines are crucial, yet how the information is conveyed and then internalized by the employee usually lacks the right approach. With the right teaching technique and focus on key information, your business could be a leader in its segment. 

90% of oraganisations in the Middle East train incorrectly. Let us help you review your training program and optimize it according to your brands vision, mission and values, to ensure the Customer Journey you are looking for is created. 

Coaching is crucial for every level, the team on the shop floor equally with the leading Manager. C-level Executives and business leaders need extrinsic stimuli to further strive and develop. We offer customized training and coaching programs for all levels, and usually see immediate changes in company culture and sales performance once the trainings are completed. 

Systemic Constellation work is a rapidly growing healing modality world wide. 

Often, organizations have a challenging company culture. A toxic work environment, excess competition between leading managers, and a hostile work atmosphere hurts businesses tremendously. Statistics show that 68% of the businesses in the UAE do not have a pleasant work environment which ultimately lead to burnout of employees. 


We can tackle this phenomenon by Systemic Constellations, a tool formed by German Psychologist Bert Hellinger. It is widely used by therapists around the world and has shown tremendous success in organizations in terms of restoring the professional order, relationship between the core management teams and more. It is an incredible modality that will help you create the thriving work environment your company needs to succeed. 

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