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Retail Operations

Retail is detail. Therefore every step in your customer's journey should be planned meticulously. The visual merchandising, store fit out, product placement, pricing, ambiance, point of sales, staffing, organizational structure, the training and development and much more. Let us review your operations for you and help you optimize. It often helps letting an outsider look at your business and see if there is room for improvement.

F&B Operations

Operating a restaurant or a Cafe is a master discipline. It is by far the most challenging industry one could choose to operate in. To perfectly deliver the same standard of service every time, with every customer, with every dish that is served is challenging. Yet with clear SOPs, consistent staff training, and a good plan at hand it is feasible.

Let us review your service, your standard operating procedures, your menu and pricing, and we will be happy to help you optimize your business and increase revenue. 


We follow a holistic approach in reviewing your operations. The first step is a detailed gap analysis. We visit your restaurant or store as a guest, review your services and operations from an external and internal perspective, highlight the gaps and then prepare an action plan on how to tackle the challenges you are facing. 


Retail is detail, and usually the biggest issues are the easiest to fix. Our team of versatile industry experts will be happy to help you turn your business around, or simply optimize your operations. Whatever it is you need, we are here to serve you. 

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