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Let us be your catalyst for change!


Everything constantly changes, nothing ever stays the same, you are rather growing and expanding or slowly declining. It is your choice on which side you ultimately want to position your brand on. 

The Brand Consult is different -  Innovative, flexibel, straight forward.

Located in the heart of Dubai, we enjoy fast paced markets.

Constantly reinventing ourselves, we care to leave a long lasting impact,

to help optimize and change your brand and organization to the better. 

As experts in retail and hospitality with more than 19 years experience in the

Middle East, we understand that a 360 degree approach is needed to build successful brands.  Marketing and branding, coaching, as well as operational optimization should go hand in hand to allow your brand to excel! 

Retail and Hospitality

The retail and hospitality landscape in the Middle East is highly competitive. 

To stay on top of your game, constant innovation and development is required. 

From process optimization, training of your staff, cost optimization, creation of your SOPs, review of your marketing communications to menu engineering, we offer a wide array of services that are required to successfully operate your boutiques or restaurants. 

The Team

The Brand Consult stands out. 

Not only in it's approach but also regarding it's setup.

Lead by Tina Memic, our mastermind, 

we are confident that we can turn any challenge around with you.  

A strong network of creative directors, designers, coaches, project managers, 

retail-, and cafe operators are available to join the team depending on the task,

which allows us to remain dynamic and cost efficient.

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