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Project Management 

Your success. Our responsibility. 

We offer turn-key Project Management services, whereas we take the lead on your project, to guarantee it will be successfully completed on time. From tender review and contractor approval, to fit out supervision and design review and realization, we are there every step of the way to ensure your project is timely completed. Our vast experience allows us to work cost efficient and with highest quality standards, that will guarantee the success of your project. 

Interior Decoration

Our team of experienced interior decorators and designer is creative and thinks outside the box. We transform any space into a unique experience to brings your brand's promise to life. Commercial space, or exhibitions, our creativity has no limit. 


A detailed interior design for your Boutique or Café is needed? Not a problem, we partner with great design firms, that will be able to create the desired design concept.

As project lead we will review all options before presenting a suitable one to you, to ensure time efficiency, brand conformity and a unique design.  

Operational Design

Most organizations create beautiful designs that generate fantastic ambiances but forget that the design must be operational as well. Why are the drawers on your retail counter on the opposite site? How long it takes your barista to make the coffee, where is the fridge with the cold beverages located? Why is the glas dishwasher not in the kitchen but at the bar? How fast can the plate be served to the guest, to ensure the food remains hot, etc. are crucial factors. Many designs slow the workflow down, and therefore lead to suboptimal presentation of the food. Let us review your designs and help you be efficient. 

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