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Most organizations focus is solely on product knowledge and learning complicated SOPs by heart when training their staff, while it is essential to use psychological selling techniques to ensure the employees internalized the operating procedures and most importantly understood why we are doing what we are doing. This might seem banale, but the given job must have a purpose. Without purpose, motivation is impossible. 

SOPs and other guidelines are crucial, yet how the information is conveyed and then internalized by the employee usually lacks the right approach. With the right teaching technique and focus on key information, your business could be a leader in its segment. 

90% of oraganisations in the Middle East train incorrectly. Let us help you review your training program and optimize it according to your brands vision, mission and values, to ensure the Customer Journey you are looking for is created. 

Often, the major weakness in an organizational structure is the lead manager. Reason being that they are forgotten when it comes to training needs and requirements. Individual coaching sessions could help get the best out of your team. 

We offer tailor-made trainings for all levels, inclusive of one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Training must lead to an individuals development, as a person, as a student as an employee. This will lead to motivation and improve the happiness at work. Happy employees, happy customers after all. 

Part of the development plan should be the half yearly staff evaluation. Many consults draft very complicated evaluation formats, and then make you believe this will help you bring your organization forward. If your evaluation scheme is not simple, it it is not understandable. If it is not understandable it won't lead to the growth of the individual and simply be paper pushing to keep the HR happy. We can help you review your evaluation scheme and optimize or simply draft a new one for you. 

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